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Preventive Dentistry in St. John’s

At Avalon Dental Centre, we believe that preventive care is your first step to a healthy smile. We offer comprehensive preventive dentistry procedures in St. John’s and help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. During your visit to our clinic, we will professionally clean your teeth and examine your mouth for any areas of concern. We’ll perform a thorough dental examination and provide reliable solutions based on your oral condition. In addition, our dentists will also recommend ways to maintain good oral hygiene at home. 

Avalon Dental Centre offers complete preventive dentistry, including comprehensive examinations, oral cancer screenings, scalings (“dental cleanings”) and more. Our dental services include:

Comprehensive Examination and Oral Cancer Screening

A comprehensive exam consists of a detailed examination of the oral hard and soft tissues, a head/neck exam, radiographs, intraoral pictures and an oral cancer screening. The information gathered throughout the exam will then be used to record your current oral status and detect any dental problems. An in-depth treatment plan will then be tailored to your individual dental needs.

Scaling (“Dental Cleaning”)

Scaling is more commonly known as a “cleaning.” Scaling is the removal of plaque and calculus accumulation on your teeth that you are unable to remove by brushing and flossing alone. Regular scaling appointments are part of any comprehensive treatment plan to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are X-rays of your teeth that use digital technology rather than film. X-rays allow us to see the parts of your teeth that we cannot see by just looking in the mouth. Digital X-rays reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to and provide a clearer and more detailed image of the teeth and bone.


Sealants are simple, invisible coatings that fill the tiny grooves in your back teeth so that they are less susceptible to bacterial accumulation. These coatings aim to prevent cavities from forming and the need for fillings later on.

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